The Mueller® Riser EZ-SETTER Meter Box provides a means to quickly install a meter. To make the meter more accessible in deeper boxes, the meter is set on a riser which positions it closer to ground level. The Riser EZ-SETTER comes pre-assembled, tested and ready to install. These meter boxes can also be ordered for double meter sets or tandem sets for meter and regulator or meter and backflow preventer. 


  • Rigid 0.300-inch minimum wall PVC material holds shape and resists frost bridging
  • Optional insulation pad traps earth’s heat
  • White interior aids visibility
  • Meter set is anchored to meter box wall to maintain alignment and stability
  • Male I.P. thread inlet and outlet connections accept a variety of MUELLER Service Fittings
  • Optional aluminum bottom available
  • Large selection of optional lids

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